Ballet (Ages 6-8, 8-11)

Our philosophy of teaching dance combines proper technical instruction, an effort to encourage creativity, and recognition of our students’ accomplishments in dance.  We utilize the Show Stars Dance curriculum to ensure our students ages 6-11 are receiving a seamless dance instruction and we provide combination classes for students who want to explore different styles of dance. We strive to recognize student accomplishments!  As students progress through our tap syllabus, they will have the opportunity to celebrate their achievements at our “Ribbon Trials.” Ribbon Trials are a fun way to motivate our tappers, where they will be awarded colored ribbons to wear in their tap shoes as a symbol of their progress!   We also have various awards and systems of recognition for our students studying jazz and ballet.dying jazz and ballet.

Our ballet program utilizes the Show Stars Ballet Curriculum and fosters musicality, body awareness and movement potential in a format that encourages individual artistry. Inspired by the work of Rudolf Von Laban and Irmgard Bartinieff, the class explores the elements of dance; Body, Space, Force, and Time, through creative exercises that are movement focused rather than story focused. The knowledge gained in these classes prepares the student for the attention to detail required in the study of formal ballet training. (6-8 year olds – 45 minutes, 8-11 year olds – 1 hour)

To sign up for class, text 606-872-4999 or email us at Space is limited.