Groovin’ With Grown-ups (Ages 2-3)

We take pride in providing classes for our 1-6 year olds that are developmentally appropriate and engaging!  We use the Twinkle Babies & Twinkle Stars Dance Curriculum paired with a gymnastics curriculum inspired by Debbie Love to ensure our tiniest students have a high-quality experience each time they come to class.

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Share those special smiles and hugs in our class designed especially for the parent and toddler. This class includes songs and movements based on dance and gymnastics fundamentals, and incorporates skills and rhythm exercises. Groovin’ With Grown-ups is a great way to get your little one moving around and using their imagination. (40 minutes)

*All students should be accompanied by a grown-up for this class.

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Welcome to…

Groovin’ With Grownups

We are so excited that you are joining one of our Groovin’ with Grownups classes! We want to welcome you and your child to class and give you a little information about the class and what you can expect!

Our Groovin’ with Grownups class is designed for children ages 2-3. In this 40 minute class, parents participate with their child in a setting that uses movement and music to teach a variety of skills.

With teacher guidance and parent assistance, your child will learn how to do class at Pep & Pizzazz. This will include things like learning how to enter class, where to begin class, how to work center floor, how to work on their star, how to work across the floor, and how to take turns. These are important skills in making our classes at Pep & Pizzazz successful and enjoyable for all. At this age though, we realize that our students are just learning these skills! So don’t panic if your child doesn’t do all of these things the first time in their class or if it takes them several classes to figure it all out!

Your child will also be learning fundamental skills in tap, ballet, jazz, and gymnastics. Over the course of the year they will learn many different skills! They will begin learning fundamental tap steps. In jazz and ballet they will learn and practice basic gross motor skills and then move into basic jazz and ballet foundation steps. In gymnastics they will begin learning rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridge ups.

The parents role in our Groovin’ class is to help their child throughout the 40-minute class. Our classes are most enjoyable for our students and parents when our parents are actively engaged with their child throughout the entire class! Our Groovin’ with Grownups class provides parents with an opportunity to spend time with their child learning together and having fun! Here are some things that we ask our parents to help with:

  • Helping child wait their turn, stay in line, change shoes
  • Bathroom help
  • Help keep students on task
  • Assist students with skills
  • Hold their hand for balance
  • Demonstrate for them

    We are so excited to begin class with you and your child! Remember, at this age our classes are about creating a positive, safe environment where parents and student are having fun and creating memories together! Each child learns differently and at their own pace and that is ok! It may take some of our kiddos longer open up and come out of their shell in class and that is ok too! Our teacher’s will be patient and encouraging as your little one starts to learn and grow. It is amazing to see how much our little ones blossom through their time in our Groovin’ with Grownups Class! Welcome to the Pep & Pizzazz family! We hope you are as excited to get started as we are