Tiny Movers (Ages 1-2)

We take pride in providing classes for our 1-6 year olds that are developmentally appropriate and engaging!  We use the Twinkle Babies & Twinkle Stars Dance Curriculum paired with a gymnastics curriculum inspired by Debbie Love to ensure our tiniest students have a high-quality experience each time they come to class.



Want to get your little one into something where they can move, play and socialize? Our Tiny Movers class is the perfect fit! It is designed for toddlers that have begun to walk, but aren’t quite ready for the more structured Groovin’ with Grownups class. Each week the class will focus on one or two skills (such as bend, kick, jump, tiptoe, etc.) while also providing movement opportunities and of course time for fun and games! This class utilizes lots of music, props, and games to get our little ones moving! (40 minutes)


*All students should be accompanied by a grown-up for this class.

To sign up for class, text 606-872-4999 or email us at pepandpizzazz@yahoo.com.  Space is limited.


Welcome to…

Tiny Movers

We are so excited that you are joining one of our Tiny Movers classes! We want to welcome you and your child to class and give you a little information about the class and what you can expect!

Our Tiny Movers class is designed for children ages 1-2. In this 40 minute class, parents participate with their child in a setting that uses movement and music to teach a variety of skills.

Our Tiny Movers classes are designed to provide an experience where our little ones are able to participate in fun exercises and activities that facilitate Gross Motor Skill development. Each class you and your child are given an opportunity to engage together through movement, song, and structured play. Children are also provided with an environment where they can socialize and interact with other children their age. Our class will be divided between skill development and explore time.

The parents’ role in our Tiny Movers class is to help their child throughout the 40-minute class. Our classes are most enjoyable for our students and parents when our parents are actively engaged with their child throughout the entire class! Our Tiny Movers class provides parents with an opportunity to spend time with their child learning together, creating memories, and having fun!

We are so excited to begin class with you and your child! We realize that for a lot of our Tiny Movers, this is their first time in this type of environment and it may take them a little while to open up and fully participate in the class. This is ok!! Our teacher’s will be patient as your little one gets used to their new class at Pep & Pizzazz! Don’t panic if they don’t do everything all at once! That is totally normal for this age! As our class continues each child will come out of their shell, socialize with others, and develop new skills at their own pace.

We can’t wait to see your little one blossom over the next year in their Tiny Movers Class! Welcome to the Pep & Pizzazz family! We hope you are as excited to get started as we are!