Tiny Tot Combo (Ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6)

We take pride in providing classes for our 1-6 year olds that are developmentally appropriate and engaging!  We use the Twinkle Babies & Twinkle Stars Dance Curriculum paired with a gymnastics curriculum inspired by Debbie Love to ensure our tiniest students have a high-quality experience each time they come to class.

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Our Tiny Tot Combo class is an age specific class that will introduce your tiny tot to tap, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics. The purpose of the class is to introduce young students to the three styles of dance, begin developing fundamental gymnastics skills, and inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment. Students will learn basic steps, skills, and terminology in all areas. Students will dance along to fun and exciting music and begin developing the strength and coordination needed for basic gymnastics skills. This class will give your child exposure to many of the classes offered at Pep & Pizzazz. If your little one is looking for a place to get moving and have lots of fun, this is the class for them! (1 hour)
**This is not a full hour gymnastics class and is meant to expose students and get them started on the most basic gymnastics skills. If you want a more in-depth gymnastics experience, you may want to pair the Tiny Tot Combo with a full hour of gymnastics or do a gymnastics-only class instead.
To sign up for class, text 606-872-4999 or email us at pepandpizzazz@yahoo.com. Space is limited.